Porridge on Tuesday

Healthy Eating
Made Easy

Porridge on Tuesday provides healthy, tasty recipes built into a programme to help you eat well for however you want to be.

Porridge on Tuesday

What you will get

What is your biggest hurdle to weight loss? Believing it needs to be big and dramatic changes that you will never be able to stick to? It is honestly as simple as eating well and doing more. Porridge on Tuesday can give you the helping hand.

Porridge on Tuesday

Every week you will receive:

  1. A full menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks
  2. Recipes for all meals
  3. A Personal Shopping list
  4. A suggested Exercise plan
  5. Support via a closed Facebook group to help you achieve your goal

Porridge on Tuesday

Keep cooking the foods you love

while learning how much of them to eat to keep you healthy and happy. Lose the weight you want and maintain your happy weight for life.  With our healthy recipes you will learn what you can eat to lose weight and just how much you can enjoy while keeping it off for life.

Porridge on Tuesday

Learn about sustainable weight loss

That is why I believe that weight loss that is sustainable comes from working with what you currently eat and gradually and sensibly reducing it. Given how often we are told we need to starve ourselves you might find you are surprised at just how much you can eat on your plan.

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Take a look at a plan

Porridge on Tuesday is an online diet and exercise plan that gives you a personalized, sensible and sustainable plan for lasting change.

(No, you don't need to eat Porridge. No, you don't need to start on a Tuesday)

By spending 5 minutes filling in our online questionnaire you can finally stop worrying about food, and start enjoying it with your friends and family.

Don't take our word for it...


Mother of one

The first thing I have noticed since starting the Porridge on Tuesday programme is that my ideas about portion control have been massively challenged. I was brought up to always finish every last mouthful and to waste food was a crime. Fair enough, I still hate to waste food, but if you don't over pile your plate you aren't going to waste anything.

The first meal I cooked on the program was an eye opener. I honestly thought that there was no way it would be enough. Obviously, it was. Portions are so important.

I still start Mondays with a vague notion of starving myself because I have over indulged at the weekend. But that feeling of dread is starting to become a little less, I have learnt that it is actually OK to eat.

Lastly, I want to tell you about the recipes. I don't like cooking. I find it hard to think of new ideas for meals and I struggle to find the time most days too. The kids always have a cooked meal, but sometimes I am happy to just have a sandwich. What I like about the Porridge on Tuesday programme is that you can plan your meals, do your grocery shop, and have something different every day. And if you don't fancy what is on the menu and you have mushrooms that need using up, just type in mushrooms and a selection of recipes pop up.

You can also save your favourite recipes and have them appear in your weekly plan too. I find the recipes inspiring and *whispers* may actually be starting to enjoy cooking…


In the Press

Porridge on Tuesday is a #WOW Winner 

Porridge on Tuesday is a #WOW Winner

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Voted one of the 10 best weight-loss solutions for 2013  

Voted one of the 10 best weight-loss solutions for 2013

"A great way to stay slim for life, rather than losing a few pounds and then piling them back on again once you've finished the diet"


This is a plan for sensible and sustainable weight loss.

Oh, and if you want to ask me anything just drop me an e-mail: elaine@porridgeontuesday.com